Dusk Canvas

Where//Verulam, South Africa
When//June 18th 2011
About// Dusk, God at Work.
Camera//Canon EOS 400 Digital
Picture taken by//Linda Mtambo


A shot in the dark

Well let’s just day that taking a picture of the moon without the use of a tripod can lead to unintended results. However my virgin skills are comforted by a Richard Avedon’s quote “All photos are accurate”.

Where//Verulam, South Africa
When//Freedom Day 2011
About// full moon in burnt, copper like orange colour, starry night
Camera//Canon EOS 400 Digital

Handling Rejection Professionally

Handling Rejection Professionally

Welcome to the real world – where rejection and being turned down because you are over qualified for a position stings no less than the graduate looking for their first break in the competitive job market.

Firstly, you have to discern that you being rejected, is nothing personal- so get your emotions out of the way quickly. Acknowledge the disappointment and pain but be smart in how you absorb what this means for your career.

Read, absorb and understand the rejection:

Does it highlight what you lacked? Do you agree with that judgment? If you do, start putting a plan together to hone those particular skills. If you do not, relook at your CV layout and content. Practice at giving concise, relevant information, which relates to that specific job.

Does it highlight the positive impressions you made…Your charisma, level of professionalism, ambition levels? Keep this in mind for upcoming interviews; these are your observable strengths.

If your skills are too wide-ranging, this may make you less favourable for a job that requires specifics /specialist knowledge. It is highly advised that you have vast knowledge and experience but have a passion and a skill that is given partiality and attention.

From here on, work at becoming indispensable – polish the skills, become passionate about something and acquire as much knowledge and practical experience as you can.

If the interviewer has taken the time to supply you with a detailed response on why you were not chosen, replying is a must.

In Response:

Keep it short, simple and professional. Keep the emotions out.

Do not respond immediately – possibly on the same day but not when you are emotional.

While you may want to reply and get it out of your system, emotional foolishness can cost you.

Express appreciation for giving you feedback stating that it would help in the near future as you continue to look for a new position.

Request that your resume is kept on record and considered upcoming relevant positions.
By Linda Mtambo
[this post originally appeared on Sevafrica.com]

I have to come to believe that….

Seen in Stellenbosch

Good Food Friday’s

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On the Menu:

    Low Fat Muffins Assorted
    Chicken Wraps- Marinated chicken breast, beef fillet or ostrich fillet grilled to your liking, wrapped in a whole-wheat wrap with tomato salsa, black beans, salad and low-fat yoghurt dressing

Made By: Body Guru Cafe- Umhlanga

Social Media: Vodacom- A great listener

A tweet I read, liked and pondered on: “Marketing in the future is like sex. Only losers will have to pay for it.”

As a social media junkie, I am elated when a powerhouse brand like Vodacom can solve client issues via Twitter. Almost every tweet on Vodacom’s account is a response to a current or potential client about their individual concerns (and trust me they have their hands full), services and sharing industry related developments. Last week for example, Vodacom users took to Twitter to express their inconvenience caused by signal outages in parts of Gauteng. Vodacom wasted no time in responding to every tweet saying –“repeat multiple fibre breaks have affected connectivity in parts of Gauteng. Teams working to fix ASAP. Huge apologies.”

So, you maybe disbelieving or totally flooded by data about social media, the internet and still think traditional marketing and networking is the way to go… take Vodacom’s approach- or any brand you admire. Follow them online for a week or two. Just absorb and make an effort to get into the swing of how social media works.

Vodacom is saying to its users – we hear you, we are here for you, how we can help you? – And of course, it’s done in real time, which makes it super fabulous. Imagine how powerful and valuable the information that Vodacom has collected concerning its target market and products. Going back to the drawing board, using the information at hand planning to implement a new service or product would be done with precision and intimate knowledge of their client and market.Priceless!

A great read on data management and using stats: Executive Insight – Guy Laurence- CEO of Vodafone UK on Think Quarterly
By By Linda Mtambo

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