No Excuses Motivation

For people like Steve Jobs, Usian Bolt and Oscar Pistorius, perfection is a way of life. They don’t think about it, they are it. Most of us have to have a third party reason (like money) to really do something beyond normal.
I’ve always loved and gotten addicted to watching Nike adverts – Who isn’t? Why? They connect with me on all levels – emotionally, intellectually, humanitarian, and yes spiritually! To be what I know I can be and to just get up and do it!

I found this Nike “No Excuses Motivation” video- I think it was released in 2010. After watching it I felt pathetic and woefully saddened by how superficial I have become. Watch & Listen! No Excuses Motivation


Seen around town

Creator of these lovely cupcakes: Rhoda Clarivette

Capturing moments in time, people, food, special places & spaces has developed into a new love. Quite like most things in life – the platform or technology doesn’t matter if you’re doing for personal fulfillment, the opportunity to own and save the moment is what it’s about.

It’s been a while

I haven’t blogged in a while – no excuse – there’s been alot happening – closure on a lot of personal issues, mind mapping and of course, my new job – which I am ecstatic about for so many reasons.

All is well even if it doesn’t always go my way (then again my thoughts aren’t always clear, so I’m quite happy to live in the unknown spheres of life)

Drakensberg Gardens & Resort

Grey Matter


Home & Garden Affair

As buzz, bling, glitz and glam were the order of the day at the Monaco Royal Wedding & Vodacom Durban July, I found satisfaction and delight to be at the East Coast Radio’s House & Garden Fair.

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Day //3 July 2011
Place// East Coast Radio House & Garden Show – IEC Durban
Pictures By// Linda Mtambo

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